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LWVWellesley Position on Restructuring Town Government 2015

The League of Women Voters of Wellesley supports the concept of a Town Manager form of government. Our position in favor of this form of government dates back to 1977 and was arrived at through research, study and a process of member agreement. It has been reaffirmed by our membership yearly. Weighing the facts on all sides of an issue, the League has most recently spoken out in favor of the adoption of a Town Manager form of government in 2003, and before that in 1993. This is not a new issue to either the League of Women Voters or the Town of Wellesley. As our testimony at the Town Government Study Committee Public Hearing in February 2003 pointed out, "most of the prior town government studies have identified the need for a stronger, more centralized form of government and consolidation of responsibilities and resource allocation." The League's position in favor of a Town Manager is straightforward - "Support of a highly qualified Town Manager whose salary would be commensurate with the responsibilities of the office. The Town Manager would serve at the will of the Selectmen and, with their approval, would have the authority to hire and fire personnel, and to reorganize departments under his/her jurisdiction." Wellesley has had a long tradition of good government and a Town Manager would have an overview of the whole town and its needs. With our Executive Director retiring in 2016, the time seems ripe for this next step in Wellesley. The League recognizes that several Boards and citizens have raised valid concerns about certain specifics of the Town Government Study Committee's proposals. We anticipate there will be a series of amendments offered over the next several days as Town Meeting Members determine whether or not the Special Act should be passed and, if so, how it should be implemented. The League of Women Voters of Wellesley is aware of the difficult and time-consuming work that has preceded this Town Meeting. This will continue as the details of the Special Act and By-Laws are worked out. There are honest differences about the best way to govern Wellesley that need to be considered thoughtfully. We hope all will keep in mind the goal of this proposed reorganization is to find ways for our town government to work more collaboratively and efficiently.

Details on the Advisory Committee Report for the Special Town Meeting can be found here

Reminder: All the documents produced by the TGSC are available on their website There are four Final Summaries : (Town Manager, Human Resources Process, Planning and Land Management Division, and Budget Process) as well as many other relevant documents.


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