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Public Forum on Tolles-Parsons Center

The LWV Wellesley will host a public forum on the proposed Tolles-Parson Center on Wednesday, May 4, 7-9pm in the Great Hall of Wellesley Town Hall. This forum will include a presentation by Matt King, chairman of Wellesley's Permanent Building Committee, on the specifics of the project. On Tuesday, May 10, Wellesley voters will be asked to decide whether to approve the funding for the Tolles-Parson Center, which will house programs for residents 60+, and is to be built at 494-496 Washington Street. Representatives from the ballot question committees on both sides of the issue have been invited to present their positions. The event is free and open to the public.

Information about the Special Election May 10

The Town has set up a link on the website with information about the Special Election on May 10. You can find the link under "Current Project" on the front page of the website and the special election information is the second project in the listing or here. In addition to providing the wording of the ballot question there is a debt exclusion calculator. Simply input your street address and the calculator will compute the annual cost of the debt exclusion for your home.

As mentioned at Town Meeting the median home ($991,000 in value) will see a tax impact of $54 after deducting the Tolles gift from the cost. If the $1,000,000 in funds already borrowed for the high school and being repurposed for the Tolles Parsons Center is also deducted then the net tax increase will be $45 for that median priced home.

(FYI: Absentee ballots are now available for eligible voters from the Town Clerk.)

Annual Town Meeting 2016

Wellesley's Annual Town Meeting began Monday, March 28; all items have been closed and the meeting dissolved on Tuesday, April 12. The Advisory Committee Report for ATM 2016 is online Additional information about Annual Town Meeting can be found on the Town of Wellesley website


A record of actions taken at Town Meeting can be found here


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